Weekend pictures

Head over to Three G's for more on the crafting weekend. Be sure to scroll down for all the posts, Denise and I were dual posting.


That looks like a super fun weekend! I love crafty days, especially if tulle is involved! Thanks for visiting me at my blog too. I hope you'll be a follower and join our newsletter list. I'll check out your other blog too.

Mommy Bear said…
Looks like fun! I love the tutu!
Dear Matt said…
How fun!!!! You girls always have such a great time together:)
Shell said…
Love the tutu! Sadly, no reason for those in my house.
That tutu is adorable! We have at least three in our house, but none in my size... yet! That should be on our to-do list.

Confessions From A Working Mom
J.J. said…
I am such a girl. I love that stuff!!!!!!

New to your blog :)
Bonnie said…
Hey, I loved that dress that you made Madelyn! It was so freakin' cute. I think that you should teach me how to sew since I bought a sewing machine at Thanksgiving and it is still in the box.

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