Almost didn't share

This prize over at Jessica's blog is so much fun I almost didn't share it, but I need the extra entry because I need some of that art hanging on my walls. So...go to the blog but DO NOT enter...or I'll have to cut you. :)

While you are checking out Jessica, you might as well check out the Hunduddle Hussy (see the nifty button over there on the right...use that to get there anytime!) as well. They are one and the same, but one is a vlog and sure to make you laugh! Plus today is the Hussy's debut post! Enjoy!


Amber said…
I'm totally going to win....seriously....this one is totally awesome right?!?!
Tammy said…
I did it!!! I was sweating like a pig. ......but I didn't die! I am still alive!

...and you??

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