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I am not by nature a list maker. Lists get long and restrictive and I never know what to put on said lists because when I start writing, especially with pen and paper then it becomes stream of consciousness writing and then my little list is 4 pages long with 6 addendum. I used to try to make notes of the brilliant ideas that come to me late at night when I can't sleep or when I wake for a few minutes and have had a project on my mind. The only problem with this is that I would write something that made sense to me right in that moment and the next morning? Yeah, I could never figure out what I meant. Never. I think that means that my stream of consciousness at that point in time is not so comprehendable...or that I am drunk and don't know it.

Here are some examples of notes that have been in said notes (usually the backs of envelopes or magazines)
-PAINT! (what? I don't know)
-nailfiler keeper (do I make one, need one, or invent one?)
-PdL (mmmkay?)

It's been several years since I did this and those notes are still in my head and every now and then I try to focus on them so that I can recreate the thought because obviously they were brilliant thoughts and I need to recapture then so I can make millions of dollars!

Have you ever taken notes and gone back and not understood?


April said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog-I am goingt o check out your craft blog now! Oh and I LOVE your background.
Dear Matt said…
Whatever do you mean? Nope, I NEVER do that.....only like everyday!

If I don't have a list, then I can't remember anything! Nothing! Nada! Zero! My brain is mush anymore!!!
Tammy said…
I have to say I am wordy so usually can figure my notes out. I use to give my mom a bad time about lists, telling her only old people make lists...guess who is making lists now? Does that mean I am old?? lol

Hey, maybe we need to start Jillian on the same encourage each other, or die together, not sure what it would be. :) lol!
Baby Sweetness said…
Dude, I can't even read my handwriting to try to figure that stuff out!
It's quite the opposite for me. I make notes and forget about them in piles of other notes (I too favor envelopes, old coupons or gum wrappers)scattered meticulously around tables, my purse and desks.

However, sometimes I think that my brain really doesn't recall what I was thinking about when I wrote that note and does an instant re-boot if you will of a "new interpretation and AH-HA, I found the note I have been looking for" moment. LOL

ALL my ideas are so splendorous that I am actually surprised I don't rule the world.

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