Friday Fragments

So I'm jumping on the wagon and doing Friday Fragments. I just can't seem to put together a cohesive post lately, so fragments are my brain is probably a little fragmented. :)

Mommy's Idea
I started my training with Jillian this week by using her 30 day Shred DVD. OHMYGOSH! She totally kicked my arse. Of course I realized after I did the workout that I hadn't really "worked out" in over a year. I've walked, done some cardio, jumped rope, etc...but nothing like that! I was and still am sore. But it was a great workout, in 20 minutes I felt like I used to after an hour+ at the gym.
Earlier this week I was driving home after a meeting and it was really foggy. I realized that was how my head felt lately. I just can't seem to wrap my brain around things or think clearly. I hate this feeling. I'm chalking it up to a predeployment haze. Twice recently I've been giving presentations on things I know and caught myself just reading off the slide. It's like my brain just couldn't fire.
We have had some absolutely gorgeous weather this week! Madelyn and I have been outside everyday and are even starting to get a little sun on our pale white arms. We lather up in sunscreen but still get tans. :)
I'm steeling this one from Shell, I hate when I have comments that just say "Please visit me" and don't comment on the post at all. I feel like I haven't been read and I don't like that. While I've been trying to up my traffic here and to Three G's, I don't just want numbers, I want readers and people who enjoy what I'm putting out there.
I am loving this new blanket I got. It came in a Nivea gift basket from my visit to The Ellen show and it is super soft and had a pocket at the bottom for your feet!


Tammy said…
Hey you...Day 3 of the shred! I want to see you video your daughter doing it with you! It was much better this morning. I probably won't get any more of her in this week but will be back at her a couple times next week.

Isn't Shell the cutest little thing? I love her. It is funny how small this blog world is!

I will be mentioning you in my Sunday post if that's okay! About our challenge together!
Prairiemaid said…
Good luck with your exercise program. Makes me hurt just thinking about it. LOL

I love the idea of the blanket with a pocket for your feet. How cozy is that?

Stop by if you have a chance.

~ Cheryl
onangelwings said…
I hear ya about the comment thing. I hate it too. I run a comment challenge and my top commenter gets a prize for the month. Sometimes it is hard because the person winning sometimes says things like "Nice" or "Awesome" even "Cuuuutteee" but how do I stop them from being the top commenter if they are always in the lead?

Good luck with your weight loss. Jillian has helped a lot of people.
Amy said…
From one frog lady to another, I had to check out your Friday Frags. Love the design on your blog. Been tired of mine lately and contemplating making a change.

Someday I'll have to check out Jillian's Shred. I'd much rather do a gym workout than a video. But it seems that everyone and their brother loves the Shred.

I end up deleting most of those blatant self-promotional comments. There is something empowering about clicking that trash can icon!
Bonnie said…
Hey visit me at
Bonnie said…
HAHAHAHA Just kidding!

So first off, to prove that I actually read your post... stop rubbing it in that you went to Ellen. I like you less and less when you mention it. I love her. I thought that maybe I was the only one obsessed with her, but lately it seems that EVERYONE is. I have been trying to go to her show forever, but it never lets me submit my ticket request. I am getting so bummed.

Moving on. Ok, this weather as been PERFECT! As soon as Chris leaves we should start spending Saturdays at MY beach. It's perfect for our little babies. I guess, until he leaves we can go on the weekdays. I don't want to take you from your hubby.

And the fogginess... I think that I've been in that too. I just feel blah. I definitely think this lovely weather will help bring me out of it.

Well,you should know that I miss you. I haven't seen you in what seems like forever. I guess it's only been two weeks, but whatever. Maybe you can meet me at Denise's someday this week. I begged her to help me with Dave's name tapes. He got a new uniform and he needs them on before he leaves. I can't wait until you two have turned me into a regular old seamstress and I can do that myself.
Just reading about you exercising made me sore. I better not try it myself :-)

A blankie with feet? I so want one!

Visiting from Friday Fragments.

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