Pea Rye

Today Madelyn was the Happy Helper at Mommy and Me. One of the duties is to hold the flag for the pledge of allegience and to say "Please rise" to all of her friends. We practiced and practiced and she was very clearly saying "pea rye" on cue...until it came time to actually do it. However, she did a great job holding the flag and putting her hand on her hear! Do you like her outfit? Yeah, she picked this one out. Those shoes are her favorites because she can very easily put them on herself.

Yesterday I spent $6 and bought her a scooter at this awesome little consignment shop and of course in the interest of safety we had to have a helmet...which she wore out of the store and the entire ride home. She must be a little scared of my driving. :)

This was the best $24 (including helmet) I've spent in a while! She loves her "bike" and has ridden it all over the place. She's not too good at turning yet and chooses instead to just pick it up and carry it.
In other news, I completed another ruffle sleeve shirt, go check it out over at Three G's crafts!


Dear Matt said…
First of all, I LOVE your new layout!!!! Everything looks so great on it. I know that had to of taken alot of time to do, and it paid off, cause it's AWESOME! Thanks for my button support:)

Oh, and that little scooter girl of yours is pretty cute too:)

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