Changing the subject

Even though my mind is full of thoughts of deployment and I can't seem to focus on anything else, I have to. Here is a list, cause lists are very un-deployment like, unless you count the list of things to do, pack, or that can't be talked about over the phone.

1. Madelyn is still convinced that when Chris goes away that he is at a park swinging. I don't know where this idea came from and we just kind of roll with it, but it makes me wonder what's going to come up in therapy later. "My daddy was always running off to go swing at the park without me!"

2. I'm thinking about getting a bb gun to shoot the rabbits in my yard. They keep eating my flowers and my strawberry plants! It was one thing when they were eating the grass, but they need to stay away from my pretties!

3. Madelyn has stopped wearing diapers for the most part and is doing great! She is such a big girl and loves it!

4. I haven't been crafting or sewing (unless you count fixing a sea bag) so I'm hoping that I'll get some motivation from my girls on Saturday, I've got some sewing projects to do and a super secret, super awesome project to start.

5. My brain isn't processing anything right now. It's like a sack of jello up there. I can't make complete thoughts or sentances, or even think enough to buy food from the grocery store. I'm sure I'm making life on my sister in law wonderful.

6. On Friday we had a photo shoot of Chris for a "daddy doll" for Madelyn. During this shoot, Madelyn directed the shots and Chris played along. I have so many shots of him doing fun poses that she directed. It was so cute for her to stand behind me and show him what she wanted him to do. I think she has maybe spent a little too much time in front of the camera!

7. The weather has been gorgeous and I want to hit the beach, but I don't want to look like a beached whale, so I guess I will be using some of my "free time" at the gym. Or eating cookies. We'll see.

8. My brain hurts so this is the end.


Tammy said…
Hang in there girl! It has to be hard knowing that he has to go.

Have you been doing Jillian? I haven't, I am a lame duck! I have to get out of this funk or I will gain all my weight back. I should have walked today but ended up not going. I know bad girl!

Yay for potty training! :)
Stefanie said…
It sounds like the photo shoot could have been fun.

~Stopping by from SITS to say welcom
ZiggyGirl said…
Just hold on, girlie! I can't imagine how hard it is right now but just hold on. I'll be praying for you.
Amber said…
I'm not sure how I didn't see this post before....oh yah...because my brain is mush/jello/noodles too!

Congrats to Madelyn for being a big BIG girl!

Love the daddy doll photo-op! You should do the pillow too from kids LOVE them!

The first month pretty much sucks! Plain and sucks! The second month feels like time has stood still....that's where I'm at now...standing still!
ZiggyGirl said…
Hey! I just read that black pepper will keep dogs, cats and raccoons out for flower gardens. Might be worth a try before you get a bb are in CA after all. People might look at you funny.

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