Special delivery...

Early this afternoon, Madelyn and I were reading a book and we heard the doorbell. Madelyn immediately says "Daddy's here!" and I have to remind her that Daddy is "bye bye" and won't be home for a whole bunch of sleeps. We go to the door and peep out the peep hole only to see that nobody is there...so that means there's a package! Woohoo! We love packages.
I pick up the box and see immediately that it's addressed to Madelyn and know that it is her "Daddy Doll".
I am not sharing the first video I took of her opening it, it was very personal for her and she walked away from the camera and me to have a moment to herself. She is doing very well, but I can tell she's not sure how to process things, I'm not even sure how to process things so it's understandable. I'm just glad that she is expressing herself and hopefully soon we'll be able to find a way for her to express herself that doesn't involve a full on meltdown. :)

It's nice to see that Chris is able to help wipe her nose even while he's overseas. haha!


Amber said…
That just melts my heart!!!!!!
The Balls said…
awwwww, that is SO cute!!! what a great idea...a daddy doll!

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