You asked for it...

Since all 4 (serioulsy people? that's all that commented? I need more readers!!!) of my commenters suggested leaving my deployment posts here, I guess I will oblige you. There are a few in the works as I am in full on preparation mode. I have some rules though, so listen up.

1. I will not EVER give dates, times, or places. You won't be reading in real time, there will be a delay whenever something is date specific - such as departure day.
2. I won't answer questions about specific dates, times, or places. So don't ask via the blog. If you know me in real life and want to ask, call me. I may or may not be able to answer.
3. Play nice. These are my thoughts and feelings and might not be right for everyone. You are entitled to your opinion and I encourage you to share even if it differs from my own, but do it nicely. No attacks.
4. DO NOT ever put specific information you may have about my husbands unit or a different unit in your comments. They will be deleted.

If you cannot tell, I'm very serious about operational security.

Now that I'm done being a froggybitch, I'll share a little snippet of daily life with Madelyn.

Madelyn is in full on terror mode. She is apparently wonderful at school, but at home she is testing each and every boundary. She doesn't want to listen, doesn't want to do what she's supposed to, doesn't want to follow basic rules that she has had since she was old enough to have rules. The other day she hit me in the chest and I corrected her and said that she had to tell me that she was sorry. She didn't want to so I told her she could say sorry or sit in time out. She said "I sit." So 5 minutes in time out and she finally comes to me with her sweet little munchkin voice and says "I sowwy mama." Again today, she was eating crayons and when I corrected her she proceded to throw her crayon box into the floor. All I had to do was stand up and she ran to "her wall" and said "I sit". I let her sit there for 2 minutes and then we talked about what she had done that was wrong and she uses that sweet little munchkin voice to say "yes ma'm". I'm beginning to think this voice is a new weapon, and I'm grossly unprepared.


Anonymous said…
My little girl has been rotten the last two days... maybe there's something in the air? haha.
B Sparkly said…
You had me at froggybitch:) I'm stopping by from SITS and I'm now following you. Come see me at my blog.
Have agreat day! Anat
Lewis said…
OK, I though I would commemt since you are in need of a friend.First let me explain why I have not done so before now.(you are begging) As your Dad you usually don't care what I say and then you feel the need to tell mom I am full of s--t and then ask her anyway. I do enjoy reading your blog for the laughs, and the sometimes useful info that you get from me from time to time.
Love Dad

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