Memorial Day

Several years ago I was priviledged to meet Medal of Honor Recipient, Lt. John Finn, USN.  I was the coordinator on an event we were having where we were honoring Medal of Honor recipients and when I called him to confirm reciept of our invitation, he informed me that he needed a secretary, or at least somebody to open his mail.  I was struck with how down to earth he was and in the same instance with the demand there was on his time.  Everyone loves a hero.  If you asked Lt. Finn about his service and his medal he would tell you that he was just doing his job.  He was a very humble man.

It is on this Memorial Day that I sit back and reflect on those men and women who gave their lives "just doing their job".  It is the humilty, courage, strength, and honor of those service men and women that make me proud to be a Marine spouse.  I think of the families who have lost their loved ones, and the sacrifices they have made.  I pray that I never join those ranks.

As you enjoy your weekend,  your extra day off work, your cookouts, the beach, and whatever other way you celebrate this beautiful summer weekend, remember.  Remember those that have fallen.  Remember the families that are missing their loved ones.  Remember those still in harms way.


Bonnie said…
I hate you and your sappy messages. :-)

It's so hard for me to make it through these holidays without crying. I think of the military everyday, I don't need a holiday to remind me but on these days the outpouring of love is overwhelming and it's nice to know that the military is appreciated... at least two days of the year ;-)

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