One of our adventures

Even though we are in town for a very sad reason, that's no reason not to get out and have a good time. We have made the best of our visit and on Monday we joined my lovely sister in law for lunch and exploration at the health adventure. Lunch was noodles at The Noodle Shop in down town and Madelyn used chop sticks for the very first time! To say that I am constantly amazed at her ability to learn and to try new things is an understatement. She did better with chopsticks at 2 years old than I did at 20! She never gave up or used a fork, although she did allow me to "telp" her when she started getting tired.


Tammy said…
So cute! I still can't use chopsticks! My kids can but me? Nada!
Adriana said…
this is so adorable! her curls are too much! what a doll.
Amber said…
Haha...Emma-Kay does the same thing! She is so good at using those things!

I love that Madelyn's hair is in alittle ponytail!

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