Taking the Frump to the Dump

I've been hiding in frump for way too long now.  As in 2 years too long.  Today I was digging through the drawer for a sports bra and realized all the frumpy stuff in THAT drawer!  Who has frumpy underthings?  What does that say about a person that even their underwear drawer is frumpy?  No, really.  I have a strapless bra that is being held together with a safety pin.  Yeah.  I think it's time for that to go to the dump.

I am once again on a journey to lose weight and become healthier.  My thighs are screaming about it already after doing 3 miles of lunges up hill.  OK, maybe it was barely a fraction of a mile, but it was uphill!  So in order to help keep me motivated, I'm gonna take the frump to the dump and forbid myself to wear any "comfy" clothes outside of the house.  Unless I'm just going to Denise's cause her house doesn't count as the public.  I'm not even going to let my workout clothes be too frumpy dumpy because I'm the queen of deciding that I'll pretend I'm headed to the gym by wearing frumpy dumpy clothes...when I'm really just buying ice cream.

I want Chris to return to a wife who regularly gets dressed in actual clothes, who puts on make up, and who does her hair more than for special occasions.  Hell, I just want to be that person again.  I used to love getting dressed and putting on make up and somehow it started becoming a chore.

Maybe I'll take some pictures of my frump that to the dump...or maybe I'll just spare you and you can take my word for it. :)


Anonymous said…
You go girl :) You can do it!

p.s. I don't think you're frumpy, you got 'hot mama' hair right after deployment started!
Bonnie said…
Man, I have so seriously frumpy gear in my wardrobe. I need to do the same thing. I need to get rid of it all and when I have this baby I will have no frump to fall back on.

Dave should be here in December for R&R and I am determined to at least be where I was when he left... preferably hotter.

So that's my motivation. As soon as I push this baby out, it's back to the weight-loss smack down. I do NOT want to be smooshy squishy when my man comes home. No WAY!
Tammy said…
Okay girl...enough of the frumpiness twins! (you and me)! Let's do something! I like not focusing on the pounds...do we want to have it be just us or start a little group? I am up to either...let me know. I did walk yesterday but not today...instead I went through the Wendy's drive thru!
Amanda said…
I need to follow your lead. OMG I'm back into my postpartum clothes from the twins I've gained to much weight!!! Ugh!
Star Spangled said…
Yay! You go girl! Dressing up makes you feel better, even if you have no one to impress but yourself (and your husband).

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