Unloading the camera

First we have a toddler with a butterfly on her face.  I'm pretty sure she would wear make-up like this daily if I let her.
 Butterflies in the floral arrangement for Granny.  She loved butterflies, and I know she loved this arrangment.
 Rolled jeans and red chucks.  Doesn't get any cuter!
 A new hat?  This is how I found her after running in the house, she'd grabbed her skirt (an extra one) and put it over her head.
 Obviously the roses did fabulously during our trip.  I counted 75 blooms.
 I'm blaming exhaustion and a long day at LINKS but tonight I bought Madelyn a fish tank...complete with fancy goldfish, 4 neons, and a frog (duh).
 This is our very round, very blurry (apparently) fancy goldfish.
But I'm thrilled that the pizza box in is focus.  Deployment cooking at it's best.


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