Like how I'm just jumping back into blogging like I never stopped?  Yeah.   Me too...

My Mom has been planning this trip to Babyland, USA since I was 16 weeks pregnant and we found out I was having a girl.  It was a tradition for our Nanna to take us kids, and Mom (Madelyn's Nanna) wanted to carry that tradition on.  So last week, we took an adventurous trip with a two year old to place filled with baby dolls.  The whole thing is set up like a hospital with nursery's and babies everywhere!

You can tell from this picture just how distracted she was by everything going on!  You haven't lived until you've chased a 2 year old through a giant sized Doll store!

Just chilling with her girls!  Do you see the puff of curls on that one on the right? Squeee!!!

Mother cabbage giving birth to a new baby!
After being completely overwhelmed, picking out one baby and all associated accessories, she decided she wanted a different baby.  It was a really sweet selection process, she had to hug and kiss each one before saying "too big" or "no".  At the end of the time, she settled on a brown haired, blue eyed cutie.

We took her into an adoption room so that we could get Madelyn to focus on a name and settled on Mikayla Alice.  She calls her Alice.

All that shopping makes a girl thirsty!
Feeding Alice lunch of "mac cheese, beans, and tern" (corn)
Playing "where's Alice?"  A game she has played with her Grandaddy since she could sit up.
Of course Alice had to go shopping with us, because what's a road trip with Nanna without some shopping?

Overall we had a great time, by the end of our trip we were all three tired and silly.

I can't wait to do it again when she's a little older and can really understand what it is all about, and is a little less distracted by everything else.


Amanda said…
It looks like you all had an amazing day! You know, just when I think Madelyn couldn't get any cuter, she proves me wrong. And the thought of hugging every one before deciding? Too cute!!!
HunDuddle Hussy said…
uhm. where is this place and why didn't i know about it before kora became practically a teenager?
This place looks awesome! What a great idea! Where is it located??

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