Thanksgiving Turkey

Since it is the night before Thanksgiving I thought I should start thinking about what we were going to eat.  Plans over the past month have been up and down and all around.  Thankfully there are turkey giveaways going on all over base and I managed to snag this 30 pounder at the preschool today.

I think this year I will try to brine the turkey.  I asked it to get in a big bucket of cold salty water and it got sassy.  I'm beginning to wonder if this "free" turkey was a good idea.

After taste testing the toes I think we'll just have hot dogs because I'm pretty sure the gravy from this turkey will just taste weird.


Jernigan Family said…
I have SO seen you make the face in the last picture! You must be a turkey too :) Happy Turkey Day!
Mayet said…
she's so cute!!

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