Artistic Interpretation

Madelyn loves to color, and by loves I mean LOVES.  I would venture that it is her most favorite thing to do, we go through coloring books like we do toilet paper around here.  She usually colors pictures however she wants, whatever color she wants.  However, her daddy likes to color things the "right" colors and makes a point of this every time he is coloring with her.

Friday night was the exception.  After an exceptionally long week of not being home before 8 or 9, Madelyn was in dire need of some Daddy time and asked him to color with her.  Daddy obliged but just did not have the energy to follow his own preset guidelines of coloring Woody the right colors.  I walked back into the kitchen to Madelyn yelling at me "Mommy!  Turn dat movie on!  Dose not the right colors! Turn dat movie on and show him! Him not blue and red!  Him wellow!"

Chris looked at me with a "what the hell" on his face and all I could say was "You're the one that started it."


Tammy said…
Sounds like you have a smart little girl on you hands...:) LOL! So good to hear hubby is back home with you. the little snowman in the post below. So darn cute!
LeadingMama said…
Very sweet. My husband likes to taunt our son by singing the "pillow pets" commercial incorrectly. (My son is obsessed with his pillow pets. He has 3) He asks me to "tell dad he wrong!!!" and gets completely crazy when hubby sings "It's a pet, it's a pillow, it's a pet pillow!"

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