Favorite Things

My bloggy friend Candace is having an awesome give away over on her blog. To give away some super things, and since I am coveting the chair bottle opener I am going to share with you some of my favorite things. Some of these are all time favorites and others are things I am just loving right now.

Scentsy, AKA crack
 I have about 20 scents, 4 warmers and scent profiles based on mood, season, or location.  Yeah, I might need some sort of support group.

I don't have these yet, but I am in love with these cansiters.

Just think how happy my sugar and flour will be when they're all snuggly inside these sleek little canisters! 

Frogs, I love them but I really LOVE frog art and figurines
 (do these count as figurines?  I don't know, I love them though!)

 Salt and Pepper Kettle Chips.

Malabrigo yarn. 
It's soft, it's yummy, it's full of hand dyed colorfullness that is a total pleasure to knit with and wear!
 I'm not picky either with my malabrigo, I love all the weights equally.  They make me happy.

Now, go visit Candace and tell us your favorite things!


Candace said…
I think I am THE ONLY person on the planet who has never tried Scentsy. I must try it very, very soon.

And I love yarns. I wish I knew how to knit. Everytime I go to the craft store, I ogle the yarn and wish I knew what to do with it. lol ;)

You are in the pot with 7 entries, girly! Woo Hoo!! :)
HunDuddle Hussy said…
i can't believe candace has never tried scentsy. she's insane.

and i LOVE salt and pepper kettle chips. oh my gosh. i could eat a whole bag in one sitting.

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