Jirp Jirp The Snowman

Jirp Jirp the snowman was built on Christmas Morn.
With bottlecap eyes and an 80's cap and two arms made out of sticks.

Jirp Jirp the snowman was not his first name
but Madelyn knew that Idiot just didn't feel the same.


 There must have been some magic in that 80's hat that day
 cause he didn't melt as fast as he should and didn't go away.

O' Jirp Jirp the snowman was as short as he could be then he melted away
and Madelyn cried all day.

Thumpity Thump Thump
Thumpity Thump Thump
Look at Jirp Jirp Go.

**Yeah, I'm a little late for Christmas carols, but I couldn't resist sharing this masterpiece with you.  Plus show you M's lovely snowman.


HunDuddle Hussy said…
wait. where was this?! in NC right? love the song. i miss ur baby girl.
Jennifer said…
That is too cute. We have way too much snow right now for Kaylee to build a snowman. If she went out in the snow, we wouldn't be able to see her :(

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