Madelyn is at the ever lovely "why?" stage and apparently after 3 HUGE tantrums in 2 weeks, the tantrum stage.  On a completely unrelated note, anybody want to borrow a 3 year old for a month?  No?  Darn.  Anyway, she asks why for everything.  At Christmas she asked why her daddy was a boy and I told her because God made him that way (this is my new favorite answer btw) and my father in law asked her why she was a girl.  Her response?  "Because I sit down to pee."

Sarcasm is also a new addition to our house and Madelyn's favorite new saying whenever I ask her to do something or tell her "no" is to say "Oh Man!".  My father took great delight in this during our visit and prompted the saying every chance he got.  After one very frustrating evening of Madelyn not listening to me, she and he were saying it after everything I said so I said "Dadaddy is gonna get you a spanking if you don't stop saying that."  Madelyn hurried up the stairs (what I'd been telling her to do) and said "No Dadaddy!  Don't do that!"  that was the last of the "Oh Mans" for at least the next 20 minutes.

Madelyn knows a couple songs all the way through but when you ask her to sing, she will sing her very own made-up song about whatever is on her mind.  Everytime she does this I'm wondering what is going to come up.  We've had everything from "mommy and daddy love me too much" to "mommy wipe my poops" in said songs.  I love her songs, she pats her foot, sings, and does a little wiggle dance.  You know when to clap because she throws up her hands and holds the last note.

She loves to color and goes through a coloring book a week.  She is amazingly good at staying in the lines and is very particular about what color she wants things and which picture she is coloring.  I'm not quite sure what I think about this controlling creativity.

I am really loving this age.  She can tell me what she wants, what she needs (to some degree) and we have conversations about her day, about what she wants, and her play is so fun to watch.  She has an amazing imagination and I am so happy about that.  I think she should stay three forever!  Well, at least until she turns four.  :)


Jernigan Family said…
I am sure being the ORANGE that you are you cringe at her "controlled creativity" :) Love it!!

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