As a North Carolina native I am used to have seasons.  My life was mapped out by seasons.  Seasonal clothes were packed away and brought back out at appropriate times, there were very clearly spring/summer clothes and fall/winter clothes.  I knew what time of year it was by walking outside and feeling the temperature or smelling the air.  You can smell the seasons change in NC, you can feel it in your bones and you know there are things you're supposed to do in fall.  Like go to high school football games, get your flu shot, pull out your sweaters.  That first crisp morning of fall is the best thing ever.  The sun takes on an oranger glow, the leaves start looking like a beautiful painting, you feel the dryness in the air and you know what month it is.

California has screwed me up.  I have no clue what I'm supposed to be doing seasonally.  In NC I know to start Christmas knitting at that first sign of fall crispness (don't judge, knitting is a cold weather craft).  In CA, the leaves are just now littering the yard.  What the crap?  Last night I laid in bed and thought to myself that I needed to get my flu shot because I hadn't yet. Then I realized that despite what the weather kind of* feels like outside, flu season is pretty much over and we've already done our holiday traveling.  Yeah.  Because it was so cold while we were in NC for Christmas and now we're back in CA and its in the 70's-80's every day I feel like it's spring and keep having thoughts that I forgot to sign Madelyn up for swim lessons, that I should start planting flowers, and that it's spring.  Yeah.  This whole lack of seasons thing is really messing with me this year and you all know that confusing me more than I'm already confused is pretty scary for all involved.

*It feels like spring because we've had some cold, but the sun is still hazed like a fall/winter sun (does that make sense to anyone else but me?) and it's still warm like it should be in early fall.  So I don't know what this season is.  I think I'll call it Flinger.


Candace said…
And that is why I would never want to live in Southern California. I LIVE for the changing of seasons. I love it soooo much!!! :)
USMCsoccermommy said…
I couldn't agree more! I totally get what you are saying! Its what I miss about Indiana, the seasons!! I wanted to pinch myself when it was 84 on January absurd! When it was just 12 degrees in Chicago 2 weeks prior.

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