Who needs directions

I enjoy making, creating, sharing, and photographing projects that I have or am making however, I am not really good a following direction.  Sure, when it comes to knitting, I follow the pattern, and make what I'm supposed to but that's only part of the time.  I usually jump in without the right kind or amount of yarn and think that based on one line of direction that I can do it. Or if I don't like a certain element, I change it. When I cook (not bake, baking is very scientific and requires measurements) I read the recipe, see what it needs and usually just start dumping and tasting and dumping some more. I do follow some recipes to the letter, but I do far more dump and taste. Recipes are just starting points for me.

I am a master at making things work. I am self taught on almost everything I've done and even if I did learn it somewhere else, I have tweaked it to suit the way my brain works. This causes problems because I look at things so differently than 95% of the people I come in contact with that when I try to explain things they go all blurry eyed and look at me like I've been smoking crack. It's frustrating for both parties.  What can I say, I view the world uniquely.
A while ago I did a personality assessment. I found that I am an ENFP. Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving. In real life terms, that means I'm batshit crazy. The scarier part? I'm strong on all of those...no chance I'm anything else.  In a different assesment called Four Lenses, I'm an orange.  Translation: Kooky.   I embrace this, I love who I am, but knowing this information explains so much to me about myself and why others just don't always "get" me.


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