All Dressed Up Wednesday - KaNdY

Today I am participating in

With No Model Lady. 
The idea is that a bunch of grown women play dress up once a week and share it with the world.
This is so much fun and so much fun to see what everyone else does.  So without further ado, let me introduce you to KaNdY.  KaNdY is a dancer down at the local club and she takes a lot of her inspiration from The Hussy.

Hey Ya'll! KaNdY here! I have learned so much from The Hussy, it's like we are kindred spirits. Especially since I had an old boss who used to tell me to hustle but because he didn't have any teeth it sounded like he was saying "hussy" so I asked the internets how you "hussy" and I found Jessica! Boy was I lucky. Thankfully she taught me how to make my eyebrows perfectly arched, and to use the instagrammatic app on the iphone.

She also taught me that I don't need to buy a pole for the house to practice my moves, I can just practice out in the yard with a tree!
Amazing and cheap. I'm totally saving my money now so I can buy more socks to wear with my heels! 
Plus it's totally OK to mix prints and you should always layer a tank under everything.
 You can do it as long as you own it, and I did pay $5 for it down at the goodwill so I am Owning it.

I ALWAYS make sure my hair is the right length,
 which according to The Hussy is "to my nips".

 The Hussy likes to wear tutu slips to make her feel young.
I like to swing in my skirts and heels with socks.
I feel like I'm 6 again!

 The Hussy is obviously a much better dancer than I am because she can afford a mini vespa. All I got is this little trike to ride around my neighborhood.

Last week The Hussy totally did some glamour shots for her boyfriend

(who is still in high school I think?) and I LoVeD her make up so I HAD to duplicate it.

Her whole "socks with heels" things is genius! This makes my feet so much warmer when I'm dancing, I don't have to worry about touching up my black-light toenail polish, and they are so comfortable.

Plus, you never know when you're gonna have to run from the PoPo.


Did you play?  You should!


HunDuddle Hussy said…
u are freakin HILARIOUS lady. i love it. i love my eyebrows. you should have given urself a black eye too. that would have been awesome.

my favorite picture is the one of you skipping. ur leggies are too cute and i just wanna go play on the teeter totter with you or something.

sweeeeeet wig too. i think we should do a whole week of everyone impersonating the hussy. i learned too much about myself.


well done my friend. well done.
No Model Lady said…
Oh. My. Heavens. This one might take the cake this week. The tree pose = AWESOME!!! Hahaha!!! The skipping shot is priceless. Seriously, frame it:)
zoo keeper said…
uh where did you come from and why have i never seen you before? you made me laugh so hard i was crying. well done. nail on the head. you're hard core girl!
Jennifer said…
OMG! I seriously have the funniest cuz ever! :)
When I first saw your pic I was really hoping you weren't serious. Very glad to find out that you're freaking awesome! Great job impersonating the Hussy :)
total perfection, i laughed out loud for realllyz, this is SO GREAT!! this is what this link up is about, having FUN!!! woohoo!!
Bonnie said…
I freakin commented. Where is it? Anyway, I love the last pictures. Every time I read popo, I giggle. I love this post!!! You captured Hussy to a t. Wish I'd thought of it.

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