Scene: After waiting for 5 minutes to pull out into traffic on base, a car slowed and let me out.  I waved and said out loud "Thank you", you know, cause he could hear me.  The following 20 minutes went something like this:

"Mommy!  Why you say thank you?"
"I was thanking that Marine for letting us pull out."
"Because that was nice of him.  Don't you think so?"
 "How him do dat?  Let us out?"
"He stepped on the brake and slowed the car down so Mommy could pull out."
"Because he's nice."
"You say thank you?"
"Him stop for us?"
"Him push the car?"
and so on and so forth.  Same questions, different word structure and lots and lots of "Why".  In traffic.

Then she seemed happy with my responses and seemed to fully grasp the situation and I had quiet for 3 minutes before:

"Mommy!  You wave at that guy and him push the car and we get out and he push that car and you say thank you?  Why you do dat?"

Exasperated and a little forcefully "Madelyn.  We were stopped and waiting for traffic and the nice man let Mommy pull out so that we could go.  I told him Thank you because it was nice.  OK?  Conversation is over!"

"Mommy, why you so grumpy today?"

"I'm not grumpy."

"No, you a little grumpy."


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