Is your glass full or empty?

I have always been a glass half full kind of gal.  I tend to be happy with what I have or what happens in our life.  I believe that there is a higher power in control of things and that everything happens just the way it's supposed to.  It doesn't always mean that we are going to like the situation, but it means that what is happening is supposed to be happening for whatever reason.  For this reason I'm not very good at consoling because I'm always trying to refill your glass.  I'm always trying to find the good in it and I have to remind myself to just listen sometimes and stop trying to force lemonade on my friends.

The reason I am this way is because I understand and accept that there are things beyond my control, things beyond anyone elses control.  I always see how much worse things could be and I am very fortunate that things aren't nearly as bad as they could be.  I believe firmly in being thankful for what you have and you will be blessed daily.  If you continuously wish or mourn for what you can't have or what can't happen, you will consistanly be let down and that is a miserable place to be.

I agree that there is a happy place in between and that sometimes it is fine to dump out your glass and have a pity party, as long as in the end you come away feeling peaceful, blessed, and thankful for what you have.


Pamela said…
Love this post. My glass is generally full, but I do tend to have a pity party once in a while. Luckily for those around me, it doesn't last long. :-)

New follower.

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