One day last week I had been fighting a nasty migraine that was trying to creep in and take over my life.  As I am wont to do in this situation, I took my little "cocktail" of tylenol and a simply sleep.  It's just the right balance of pain relief and sleep assistance without taking something "harder".  This particular night I passed out soundly and a few (several?) hours later I woke up because I was trying to roll over but my arm wouldn't move!  I didn't know what time it was because I didn't have on my glasses and I couldn't get them because I couldn't move my arm!  I panicked.  I poked at my arm and couldn't feel anything.  I started to get really scared and then I noticed that there was a dark blob where my arm felt like it was supposed to be!  OHMYGOSH!  I've been bitten by a spider and now my arm has swollen to 5 times it's size and already started to rot off!  This is gross!   I'd poke Chris to wake him but what if I miss and poke my nasty rotting arm and it explodes!  OHMYGOSH!  What am I going to do?  What the heck kind of spider bit me?  Probably one of those crazy brown widow hybrid things.  OHMYGOSH!

I decide to sit up and go into the bathroom to get a closer look.  I figure I can drag my arm all ape style out of bed and get a better look.  I put my glasses on and look over at my arm only to find a sweet little three year old face sleeping soundly on my arm.

Yeah.  No clue when she had gotten in bed with us or if I had actually snuggled her or if she just found my arm and thought it'd be hilarious to make mommy think her arm was rotting off.  I'm pretty sure I saw her smile as I laid back down and wrapped my other arm around her.


Holly Sandusky said…
Hahaha. Dreams like that happen to me all the time! That's too funny! I'm a new follower and can't wait to read more of your blog! :)

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