All Dressed Up

Linking up to Lady for this weeks dress-up installation.

On Friday, Denise and I got together for a super fun girls night with some new to me friends.  Of course since we were in something other than comfy pants and flip flops we had to do an impromptu photo shoot which may or may not have been interrupted twice by a hubby trying to sneak out for cigars. Ahem.

Silk shirt and gray shirt - New York and Co Clearance
Jeans - levis
Necklace - ?
Earrings - gift from my man
shoes (not shown but I promise they were cute) - Payless

Boobs - God, Madelyn, and Victoria's Secret


No Model Lady said…
Ha!! I wish I could say the same about my boobs!
Denise Wiggins said…
Had fun with you pretty lady.
HunDuddle Hussy said…
this made me laf out loud. seriously. i have god and 4 rats to thank for the LACK of my boobs. awesome. not.

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