I'm running for military families!

On April 2nd, I will be running a 5K in support of ACT Today for Military Families.  OK, OK, I use the term "running" loosely, it's more of a jog, but those of you who know me in real life know that I'm not so much for the running.  As in, not at all.  I feel that if the families I am running for can live this marathon life of dealing with Autism, I can run a measely 3.1 miles.  My 3.1 miles are nothing compared to what these children are living on a daily basis. 

1 in 88 military children has a diagnosis in the autism spectrum.*  This amazes me.  Fortunately autism is treatable, but those treatments can be expensive, extensive, and beyond the realm of our standard Tricare coverage.  That is where ACT Today for Military Families comes into play.  This organization helps military families defray the out of pocket costs for specialized treatments, allowing families to obtain the best care for their children.

If you haven't guessed by now, this is the part where I'm gonna ask for money.  Or if you're local, register and come run with us.  It's gonna be a gorgeous route down at Mission Bay.  If each of my followers gives $5, I will meet my goal.  If each gives just $1, I will be happy to have brought in a little extra support for this great cause.  So if you'd be kind enough to click that link there, I would greatly appreciate it!

Of course, I appreciate you even if you don't click the link. 

*ACT Today website


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