Library visit - day 1 - Success!

So I went to the library this morning sans child and of course failed to make a list of any of the authors or book names I've seen on other peoples blogs (Candace...ahem).  As is my usual routine I was initially overwhelmed but I kept walking the aisles.  Our library has a "What's Hot" section and it's an "express" checkout so you only keep the book 7 days.   Everything on those shelves that I wanted to read seemed a little long for me to be able to commit to such a short time frame.  Remember, I'm just jumping back on this bicycle.

So, I know you're dying to know what I got.  First, here's what I didn't get.  Anything that started with "After ending her relationship of blahdy blah blah blah, Susie whositwhatsit goes on a journey to find herself and finds love where she least expects it".  Yeah.  I really have to be in just the right mood to read the same story written in a different city, voice, etc.

What I did get:
This looks to be a fun little read about a relationship gone awry.  I picked it because when I opened it, the page I opened to had an amusing argument on it.  So we'll see if the rest of the book reads this way.

The second book I got is one that I remember coming so close to buying that I actually thought I owned it several times but could never find it.  I really enjoy historical fiction especially WWII Germany or anything surrounding that era.

Stay tuned....


Debra said…
Hi, I'm following from Thursday Friends & Giveaways. Enjoy your reading time. These days it's rare for me to get quiet time to read but I have a basket of books ready for me when I can get to them. Have a great day!
Jessa said…
I picked up War and Peace yesterday at the library and now I'm gulping at the sheer size of the book. Currently though I'm reading I Love A Man in Uniform and I really like it a lot. :)

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