March already?

Yep.  I guess it is.  Wow.


lighttraveler said…
What a little cutie!
Candace said…
She is so precious!!!

Okay, I came here because I was going to respond to you via email, but your email address didn't come up in the email I received from blogger....

Anyhow.. okay, I HAVE NOT tried addi turbo needles, but I have heard of them and now all I can think of is owning them. ha! :) One really cool thing about knit picks circular needles is that you can buy this set that is interchangable and they are AWESOME! The set come with two different lengths of cord ( I think twenty something and thirty something and I also bought the forty inch cord) and needles that you attach to the cords in sizes like 3-11 or something like that. I AM IN LOVE!! It's so awesome, because everytime I need a different size I'm not having to either run to the store or order it and wait and wait and wait for it to arrive. You know? I'm not a patient girl. ;)

And I have not tried that yarn, but now I'm going to google it! :)

Have you been to It's a knitting store in nyc and they have a blog where they post all kinds of amazing free patterns, both for knitting and sewing!! You would love it if you haven't been there. The blog is Check it out!! :)

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