Pen to the Paper #1

As I posted on Saturday, I've decided to share some lines from my handwritten journal here on the blog.

I realize that I am opening myself up to a lot by doing this, but please bear in mind that all of the lines shared here are random and you don't know the before, the after, or the context.  So they are random lines from a random place that I like the phrasing of or that just touches me.

I think they maybe took a wrong turn or two while I was in a completely different state.

This is as much a part of my journal as she is of me.  A little splash of mayhem. (written just below one of Madelyn's doodles)

Full belly + stinky breath + wine drowsiness = Fabulous Night!

Are you inclined to share bits from your journal?  Do so in the comments, or link to your own blog in the comments.


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