Pen to the Paper

I started a blog so that I could express myself but all I really find myself doing is censoring what I put out there.  Thinking "nobody wants to read that" or "who cares?" so I've decided to take the pen to the paper and start journaling again, handwriting style.  It's cathartic and I don't have to censor myself.  What I'll be doing is pulling a few lines from the weeks journaling and sharing here.

The lines I choose will probably just be things that I liked the wording of, or recurring thoughts, or epiphanies of the week and there won't be any context to accompany them.  Just take and enjoy them for what they are - random lines from a random place.

If anybody wants to join, shout out and link up in the comments section and if there are enough, I'll start a linky party.  I think it'll be fun to see a slightly unedited side of us all.

I'll post the first on Monday.


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