Way Back - All Dressed Up style

OK, so this isn't really all that way back, but it was October and I never did blog it so I'm linking up with

I LOVE dressing up for Halloween, and for the second time ever I talked Chris into a couple's costume. 
Kind of fitting for an MP huh?  :)

As an aside, does anybody else get ridiculously frustrated with Halloween costumes and the fact that they are either way trashy or way frumpy?  Where is the middle ground?  This "shirt" was actually a dress, but because my rear-end hangs low and wobbles to and fro I put on some pants, cause nobody needed to be that kind of scared on Halloween.


No Model Lady said…
I know!! Halloween costumes for ladies look like bedroom role playing outfits!! So really, good for the men in our lives...not so good for us.
geez, i hear ya!! it's always like men fantasy costumes for women, wtc?? i can be a whore behind closed doors, i don't need to let the whole world know..;D
you guys look cute!! i want my hubby to do a couples costume this year, i hope he does!!

Shelly said…
I totally hear you on Halloween costumes being skanky nowadays ;) (I just really wanted to use the word skanky ;) My husband loves the halloween costumes these days of course, but you will not catch me in a dress that doesn't cover my butt!

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