1.  We moved.  This is a whole post on it's own, but I'm not in a good enough place yet to blog it.  We are settling in and will be happy here, it's just gonna take a minute.  Or three.

2.  Marshmallow is a boy.  I discovered his "accessories" about a week ago and promptly started calling vets to have them removed.  I'm not interested in dealing with little boy bunnies marking my couch as their territory.  How immasculating is it that I refer to my rabbit's testicles as accessories?  Anyway, we started calling him a him and were being corrected by Madelyn.  Chris asked if we were going to tell her and I asked if he wanted to be the one to show her why he isn't a girl.  Therefore, despite having accessories, Marshmallow is a girl.

3.  I called the vet to confirm Marshmallow's pre-surgery appointment and had the following conversation while distracted trying to put away laundry:
Vet Tech: Unintelligible, May I help you?
Me: Yes, I need to confirm an appointment for Marshmallow for today.
Vet Tech: Are you having a party?
Me: I'm not sure that's very nice, but if you think it'll help we most certainly could.  I just need to double check the time we're coming in today for his appointment before we have him neutered.
Vet Tech: Wait, what!?
Me: Having my male rabbit neutered.  Wait, who is this?
Not a Vet Tech: Pizza Hut.

4.  Went to story time today at the base library and it's a Fathers Day theme and they read a story about Dad being a Hero, and the particular Dad in this story was in the Army.  The librarian made it two pages in and said something about isn't your dad a hero and Madelyn says "Yeah, but my Daddy is a Marine not Army."

5.  I forgot how hard it is to settle in and make new friends.  Why are we all so guarded and quiet?  Guess it's time to just shove out my hand and say "Hi!  I'm Katrina, I'm crazy but I promise you'll laugh."


Denise Wiggins said…
TOO funny, I love the whole Vet Convo... You and Miss M kill me. We love and miss you bunches.

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