Madelyn's birthday falls at a very unfortunate time for starting school, at least here in VA it does.  She misses being able to start kindergarten by 24 days.  I am hoping to be able to have her test and start school at 4 because she (like everybody else's child) is advanced.  No really.  She learns so quickly and picks up things that I am afraid that if she doesn't start school until she is almost 6 that she will be bored in class and have behavior issues.

I really have three choices in this matter.  1.  Sit back and let what happens happen.  2.  Work with her on preschool curriculum and pray that there is a program to test her into kindergarten (should probably research this).  3.  Just straight up homeschool her.  The problem with full time homeschooling is that I never planned to do that, I always thought I'd be back at work when she started school or in school myself.  I don't know how qualified I am to teach her and for how long.  I've done a fair amount of research so I'm not actually worried about her getting socialization, or extra curricular activities, I'm just worried about her and I bumping heads so much that we lose the benefit of learning.

So this is where I tell you my choice.  In mid-August we will be starting a full on preschool curriculum and have "school" in our house.  I can't sit back and just let what happens happen with my childs education.  After we complete preschool, we will see what and where our options lie.

Of course I will be documenting it here as we go and letting you all know how it goes.  I'm really excited about it but making myself wait to start until I have all the materials and resources I need to actually get going for a full time program.  So here we go.

The three resources I have and will be working primarily from are:
Confessions of a Homeschoolers K4 curriculum
The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading
Slow and Steady Get me Ready

Anyone have any other suggestions?


Bonnie said…
I love that idea!!! By the way, Emma asked to play with Madelyn yesterday. :-(
Jernigan Family said…
I was the very youngest kid in my class in Kindergarten, I was academically ready, but I was the last to do anything and was the smallest in the class. This caused a bit of frustration for me as I was getting older. Most of the research shows that kids on the cusp of the cut offs do better being the older one in their class rather than the youngest, regardless of academic readiness. Just a thought...Good for you for taking a proactive role in your daughter's education. Who knows you may LOVE homeschooling and keep it going. :) Try to calm you inner orange and wait until you have all the materials :) I want you to be my teacher!! I can only imagine the fun creative things you will come up with.

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