Their Story is our story

Today marks my Mom and Dads 30th wedding anniversary.

Their story is our story, our family and our love.

Mom caught dads eye with her beauty and grace.
taken at Niagra Falls and the first picture Dad ever had of Mom

Dad swept her off her feet by wearing tuxedos to drag races

you wish you could look this sexy

They dated and Dad set the standard for perms in the relationship. 

It took Mom a few years to catch up, but when she did, she did it big.
Mom instantly had a ready made family.  I personally think she got a pretty awesome deal. 
I mean, look at that cuteness in her lap. 
Not everybody gets so lucky as to marry a guy and get such an awesome daughter too! 
This is the stuff of fairytales.  I was a perfect angel and never ever peed on her lap in the drivethrough.

She also had the pleasure of spending time with my older sister, and although Brea's story is different from my own, the love and devotion from our Dad and Becky are not.

For some reason our little family had to grow, so we grew larger with the addition of these two turds. 

While their story started resembling a little bit of normalcy - married, owning a house, and living with 2.5 children (I won't tell you who the .5 is)  I know that things still weren't easy.  They both worked hard long hours, and us silly kids had things we wanted to do like dance, band, T-ball, and eat dinner.  

Plus they were raising us in the 80's.  It was a very scary time. 
Even in church portraits.

I know that they survived with lots of this:

and even more of this:

Now, after thirty years they have kids who aren't entirely embarrased by them and a granddaughter who is pretty certain they hung the moon.

Everybody pictures their life story long before they start living life.  We grow up reading fairy-tales and dreaming of our happily ever after.  Mom and Dads story didn't start out like a fairy tale.  Some people have baggage as they enter into new relationships. 
Dad had a steamer trunk. 
I was part of that steamer trunk. 
Mom could have turned around and ran.
Dad could have dropped that trunk and run away with Mom, but they didn't. 
They carried the trunk together and did what they felt was best and right for the two girls riding that trunk.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!  We love you!


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