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So many of you have asked (OK, maybe none) what my plans are to teach Madelyn.  I'm going pretty basic and simple and we'll add more as is dictated by boredom and learning curve.  Every day will have a handwriting and phonics exercise as well as new material and new focus.  For example, we are still working on lower case letters so one day in the second week is intensive lower case work.  As in we're pulling out the house diagram and talking about who has what in the attic and in the basement.  Intense I tell ya.    Each week will have it's own theme.  We will use that theme for part of our handwriting and phonics skills, as well as a themed craft, books (fiction and non fiction), and as many related activities we can while maintaining my sanity.  Our first week is Ballet because she will be starting dance class the following week, so this will serve dual purpose of getting her excited and having a fun week 1 theme.

My "gold*" friends will want to place their hand firmly under their jaw for this next part.

I have a notebook with lists, each days plans and what prepwork beyond worksheets I need to do.  The back of each page is where I will list what we actually do so that when I plan weeks 4+ I kind of know what's working.  On the inside cover is our schedule that will hopefully keep us running smoothly.  For the actual work, I have 5 different colored folders, one for each day, that has that days work placed in pockets so that each morning I can grab that folder and go, even if my coffee hasn't yet kicked in.

As for that inside cover schedule, "school" will be scattered throughout the day so that neither one of us gets frustrated or tired.  In my little dream bubble our days will flow seamlessly and smoothly and I will end the day rejuvenated and feeling accomplished.  Then I will poop sunshine.

*Gold refers to a personality color based on the Four Lenses, I am not a gold, I am an orange, also known as the anti-gold.  My notebook and folders are, however, very "gold".


Melissa :) said…
LOL!! I love the "Poop Sunshine" part! :) Good for your orange self getting all "gold-ified" :)

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