GPS SchmeePS

Last year I had my navigational skills questioned by my three year old.  Since that time I have not used my GPS during our trips from VA to NC because, you know, I got this.

On our most recent trip home, I called my Dad to let him know we were on our way and we had the following conversation:

Dad "What time does the GPS say you'll be here?"
Me "I don't know, I'm not using it.  I know my way home."
Dad "OK..."

Two and a half hours later I had the following conversation with my Grandmother-in-law:

Me: "We're making great time!  Madelyn's sleeping and we're near *some town that starts with W."
Nanny: "Thats great!  Be safe."

Forty five minutes later I call Nanny back...

Me: "Um...we're in West Virginia."
Nanny: "..."
Me: "Yeah.  I didn't need the GPS."

I call Chris

Me: "Um...we're in West Virginia"
Chris: "Where's the GPS?"
Me: "I didn't need it..."
Chris: "Obviously."

*Wytheville is the "W" town that we drive through each trip, there was a different "W" town at about the same point on 81N and my brain just made them be the same. 


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