I got knocked up while my husband was in Colorado! Of course that is not the case, but it is very amusing to me that the one month I didn’t stress about getting pregnant, the one month I figured it wasn’t happening is the one month it finally did. Based on my best guess calculations, froggybaby was conceived the weekend froggydaddy got home. My cycle was all out of whack with the not taking chlomid.

Officially we are at 12 weeks 1 day and have had a couple ultrasounds, one was to “date” the baby and the other was just to check the heartbeat after a rough vacation. It is so amazing to hear and see that little heartbeat, to have it hit home that we’re going to be parents. Wow…parents.

I was so convinced that I wasn’t pregnant in February that even when I was a day or so late I figured it was just a screwed up cycle and threw some extra tampons in my purse, I’d been having some mild cramping and was all set for “the big one”. On Saturday morning I just thought it would be amusing to take a test…you know, there was an extra one from the other months and it looked lonely and what else are you going to do on a Saturday morning when you’re bored? So I took it. Almost immediately it showed up as positive. I dropped the test and said “Oh my God”. It was positive! Or was it? Some idiot threw away the box because she was certain that she’d know the result when the time came, but when it was positive I just had to be sure, I mean it didn’t LOOK like the negative results I’d previously gotten. So I did what any sane woman in the 20th century does and I made froggydaddy google it. He was a little frustrated with me at the time because who throws away the box and instructions for a pregnancy test? Me. Oh, did I mention that all of this occurred at 3 a.m.? No? Well…it did. I fell asleep and promptly woke up at 7 a.m. waited until I thought the drugstore was open (I was sure it opened at 7) and ended up sitting in the parking lot with another elderly couple for 15 minutes waiting on it to open. I picked up a pack of two digital tests and ran home to pee. Of course they both were really and truly positive so we laid back down in bed all snuggly and excited and talked about how to tell our parents.

We live about 4 hours away from our families so going to them to tell them in person wasn’t really an option with froggydaddy working that night. We called mine first. My dad answered the phone and I kept an even tone and told him I had good news and I had bad news, which did he want first? Of course I gave him the good news first, that we’d found a plumber to take care of some issues we were having and that it wasn’t going to be as expensive as we thought. Then I told him the bad news, that weight watchers just wasn’t going to work for me despite how well it had worked for him and mom, it just wasn’t going to work for me. He asked why and I told him because there was a baby in my belly! He couldn’t react because Mom was standing right there so he passed the phone off and I did the entire sequence again. Her response? “It’s about damn time!” Froggydaddy’s parents were next. They were happy but a little more shocked than mine. His mom was doing well with it until I mentioned grandbaby and then I think it hit that she was going to be a grandparent. They’re used to the idea now and very excited!

I have had a very mild pregnancy thus far. A little nausea and an aversion to most meat but all in all not bad at all.


Staci said…
Wow is right! What a great story! Congrats!!
sheila.tanner said…
I'm so happy for you! Why were you on chlomid? We got pregnant as soon as I stopped taking it. I'm glad you're having an easy time. It only gets better after the first couple of months. Sex gets better too!

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